Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Storm

I tried out the new fisheye lens filter I bought during a pretty ridiculous storm we had a few weeks ago. I think we ended up getting like 22 inches. These photos are just from around my neighborhood. I posted them on my facebook photography page as well. Feel free to "like" my page! It's Erica Nicole Photography


So it's been awhile! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I'm just doing a quick update. I haven't done much photography work lately. Which makes me kind of sad. I'm currently in my last class for my bachelors! It's general bio, and I've decided to take it at MCC instead of Central next semester (it's a $1000 cheaper!).

I got a fisheye "lens" for Christmas. I put the " " around lens because it's more of a filter effect. An actual fisheye costs like $400+. This one was $35 from Amazon. Obviously it's quite the price difference. I got a chance to take it out in the 2 feet of snow we got here a few weeks ago. I'll post those photos later.

Back in November my family and I adopted two cats. I found out about a woman who rescues cats through someone at work. I called the lady up saying that my family was looking for two cats. She said she had a mother cat who was under a year and one of her 3 month old kittens that she didn't want to separate. The mother and her 5 kittens had been abandoned at a gas station. When the woman came to pick them up 2 of the kittens had been taken, but she rescued the mother and the other 3. She adopted out the 2 boy kittens a week or 2 before our family came along. So we decided to take the mom and the baby.

We named the mother Fiona and the kitten Emmy. They are awesome cats! We are so happy we adopted them. Here are some photos!