Thursday, October 7, 2010

South Hadley

On Sunday I went to visit my cousin at her school in South Hadley. We went up to Northampton and explored a little bit. Then we drove back to her campus and she gave me a tour. Her campus has Adirondack chairs ALL over and I may have been borderline obsessed with them. They even had them conveniently placed by their very own lake. Here's some of the photos I took while sitting in an Adirondack chair! The colors were really pretty and I could not stop talking about it.

In most situations, I find my GPS to be completely frustrating. Even on Sunday I was getting angry with it. I'd rather look up the directions on mapquest and just trust myself. On the way home from South Hadley, I decided to put on the GPS. I felt like I'd get better directions than using mapquest. The stupid thing took me completely out of the way of where I wanted to be. In the middle of my cursing at my TomTom I passed over a bridge between South Hadley and Holyoke. It was around sunset and out of no where there was this cool manmade waterfall. I thought "Oh that's so pretty!" and kept driving...

I have this issue where I see things I want to photograph and I either am too lazy to find a parking spot or I think "I'll come back to that" and I NEVER do. So for the next 10 min while driving further and further away, I kept saying to myself.."Go back and take that picture!" and finally I turned my car around. I found a spot at this empty mill right before the bridge. A guy had parked his car in the same lot about 30 seconds priod to me. At first I was totally sketched out..until he got out of his car with his camera and tripod! He had the exact same idea as me! I creepily followed about 20 feet behind him on the bridge. After we both shot, we ended up at our cars around the same time. I politely explained that I wasn't trying to be a creep, we just happened to be thinking the same way.

The moral of the story is..I'm never going to get "those" shots if I don't actually put myself out there and go get them! It takes a little effort and I need to be a little more confident in just throwing myself into a scene. And maybe sometimes I shouldn't get so frustrated with my TomTom.

Unfortunately, I am slightly frustrated with these photos. I wish I had come up with something more brilliant for having an "I need to just do this" epiphany. I tend to stick to landscapes because that's what I'm used to. I also tend to photograph them in the same way. I wish I had taken a more creative approach to these shots. But it is what it is. Here they are.

Oh yea, and remember how I went to the Big E. I literally bought one item and brought it home with me. This pumpkin windsock for $1. I love it! Everytime I come home and see it, it makes me happy, as nerdy as that sounds. Hopefully I'll get a daytime pic or two of it.


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  1. your pics are great erica. you should enter some in photo contests. i was just at the berlin fair and you def could have one some of them..