Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall in Wethersfield

I finally got the chance to walk around Main Street in Old Wethersfield last week. The trees are gorgeous and there's scarecrows and halloween decorations everywhere! I posted only a few scarecrow pics on here, but there are tons more scarecrows to see! I also have more pics in one of my facebook albums.

This was such a great idea! Jess and I had to take pics haha.

This lady's pretty creepy!

In front of the Grange Hall

Another interesting one!

Some of the insanely big pumpkins outside Comstock Ferre!

This pumpkin was 702 pounds!

Main Street Creamery was pretty busy that day.

And this last one I shot today. It's in the cemetery across from Stop and Shop. I was picking up some things when I looked over and saw the clouds and trees. I decided to drive over and try and catch some interesting shots.
Next weekend is my cousin's wedding, so more photos to come soon!!

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