Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Adventures

I bought my SLR at the right time! The leaves are changing and I am SOOO psyched. October is the month of Scarecrows on Main Street in Old Wethersfield! It's one of my favorite annual local activities. I plan on going for a walk around town with my camera this week.

I'm also heading up to Massachusetts in the morning to visit my cousin Jenn at school. I'm not sure what's on the agenda, but we'll have fun no matter what we do! I haven't seen her since this summer so it'll be good to catch up.

I never realized just how unique our experience of fall is in New England..until I spent last fall out of the country. Aside from my family and friends, I literally missed everything about the month of October back home! Europe's not so into apple cider donuts and pumpkin everything. I really don't think many other places can pull off pumpkin in every form like they do here. (I got to try my boss Caragh's Pumpkin Whoopi pies on Friday at Starbucks' bake sale to benefit cancer). They were delicious!

Also, last weekend I got my first whiff of falling leaves and it seriously brightened my mood! (You might also notice that I just changed my blog background to leaves!) Supposedly the next two weeks are the peaks in leave color, so I plan on taking advantage of life.

I'm really excited! My cousin Jason is getting married in late October and they asked me to do their photos. I immediately said yes, I love oppurtunites like this to be able to grow with my photos. This will be my first time ever doing anything for a wedding (which definitely makes me nervous..but I'm totally up for it!)

In other good news, I'm getting that compass rose tattoo much earlier than originally planned. I saw Red at Hartford County for a touch-up on my anchor and handed him some photos I printed off (most of them are the compass tattoos I posted awhile back). We talked about what I wanted and he said he'd draw something up for me. My appointment is for October it's a little over a week away!

Here's a few random photos I've taken so far with my SLR

These next three I took were just in my back yard.

The next three I took walking around Main Street one afternoon with my friend Jess.

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