Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Compass Tattoo

I went to Hartford County Tattoo today! I had originally thought I wanted just a compass rose, but later decided on an entire compass because I thought it'd fit in better with my anchor. Red, the tattoo artist, had drawn out the compass rose earlier on and I really loved it. So he decided to take that and build on it. I wasn't sure how colorful he wanted to get with the tattoo, but the second he took out the red ink for the wooden background I was stoked. I love the cherry-ish coloring. Though, I'm definitely nervous about the red ink because of the whole "red rash" thing, and it being a somewhat hard color to heal.. But hopefully all will work out well. The bright colors of this are not what I expected, but I love them! It also makes me happy that I decided to stick with the nautical theme for my second tattoo.

All the colors set up

Outlining and the beginning of the color
Red ink

I'm trying to be careful while healing this. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to bacitracin and it didn't seem to work well last time. I used it like twice and the tattoo reacted weirdly, so I decided to err on the side of leaving it alone for a few days and it worked better. So at this point I'm staying away from the bacitracin and just keeping it clean. I'll probably use cocoa butter a little bit because that also seemed to work well with me. It's tricky. I'm a slow healer, and I've definitely experienced an infected tattoo..not fun!

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