Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tattoo Itch

I'm getting the itch for a new tattoo! I need to make an appointment with Hartford County Tattoo to touch up my anchor tattoo..which I'm still mega happy with! While I'm there I want to run a few ideas by the artist for my next tattoo. I want it to compliment the anchor and be on the opposite ankle. I really love the idea of a compass. I was thinking of getting similar green vine around it like in my anchor. And then coming up with some sort of charm to put in the middle of the compass, sort of like my anchor has the clover as a charm. I'm still unsure what that's going to be, but I want it to be symbolic of something in my life.

I've been searching google images for photos of compass tattoos. I have a folder dedicated to these pictures on my computer too! I'll post some of the pics I've saved. Unfortunately I have no info on who did the following tattoos or where they came from. Sorry!

I absolutely love this! Not sure why I'm so drawn to it, but this picture is what initially got me thinking about a compass tattoo.

This one I love the detailing of the leaves and the shading.

I'm liking the rope details and colors!

I like the design of the compass on this one.

Also like the design of the compass on this one too.

I'll probably print all these out and figure out what I like best on each and try and combine it into my own tattoo somehow. All the while having it kinda match my current tattoo.

Any ideas out there?

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