Saturday, September 11, 2010

JPG Magazine

I'm laying in bed right now with my laptop trying to make myself sleepy so I can get up for work at 6:30am tomorrow. So far I'm still pretty awake! So while I wait to get tired, I'll post!

One of my favorite sites I love to browse around on is I originally discovered it when I was looking around Borders one day (long before I started working there). And I happened to pick up a photography magazine called JPG. I loved how all the images were from mostly unknown or amateur photographers. I joined the site and started uploading my own photos. All photos have the chance to become published. The site is almost like a myspace for photographers. You can post a small bio and up to 10 photos a day. You can submit them to themes and many of the themes end up getting published in the magazine.

Unfortunately the magazine can't be found in bookstores anymore. It's primarily digital and you can purchase a subscription. You can also request to have the magazine printed for you for around $21. I believe it's a more cost effective and eco friendly choice for the site. But I really did love going and picking up a copy so conveniently at a bookstore!

If you join the site you can also vote, comment, and "favorite" other's work. My own personal page is Check it out! There are some really amazing photographers on there with some great work and interesting stories!

This is one of my photos posted. It was taken at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Here's just a few images out of my favorites list on my page..

"The Mask" by Greg Carrick

"Bogue Inlet Pier" by Michael Dunn

By Sarah Dudley

"It's a Big World Out There" by Jenny Tanedo

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