Monday, September 6, 2010

Engagement Photos and more..

My brother Matt and his girlfriend Colleen got engaged back in December. They asked me to take their engagement photos for them. I nervously said yes. I was happy for the experience, but nervous my photos wouldn't be up to par. We had a blast taking the photos during sunset on a Saturday night at Harkness Park in Waterford, CT. They loved the photos which is all that matters. And my aunt let me borrow her Olympus SLR camera. I've never really had the chance to use one, but I really loved it!

In fact, I made a huge impulse buy the following day and went to Best Buy, filled out an application for a credit card there and got one. It's a Canon EOS Rebel. So far I love it! it's easy enough to figure out and use for me, being a newbie to SLR cameras! I've been looking for places to go and excuses to take break out the new camera, but life's been a little bit crazy with my new job.

Here are some of the photos I took of Matt and Col!

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