Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Big delicious!

Yesterday I went on an adventure with my friend Michelle and her mom. Her family has a tradition of going to the Big E every year. I went with them a few times and always had a blast. But I hadn't gone back in a long time! So the three of us got there in the AM and wandered around for the day. We really had no planned agenda, other than to eat anything we wanted and go with the flow. I literally spent all my money on food, with the exception of a dollar spent on a pumpkin windsock I bought to hang outside the house!

Michelle and I Michelle's Mom

This stand literally gave out a salad of fried vegetables. Mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, and zucchini. And they give you ranch for dipping sauce. I'd never even heard of such a thing. Obviously I won't be eating those everyday, but they were soooo good!

Everyone always raves about Maine's baked potatoes. The line was out of went out the side of the building and literally had tents set up to shade people from the sun while they waited. I didn't have the patience for a line like that, but I found another baked potato stand and figured I'd try it out. I wasn't disappointed with my broccoli and cheddar tater!

In the New Hampshire building they were selling corn on the cob for $3. They dipped it in melted butter! I actually didn't try it out, but it smelled awesome!So I've never tried funnel cake before! I knew it was similar to fried dough, but that's about it. We found a stand selling beignets, fried dough, and funnel cakes. Michelle and her mom tried out some of the funnel cake.

Michelle wanted to bring home donuts for her brothers and dad. This stand made mini ones right in front of you!

We watched Kriyss Grant perform. I think he was supposed to tour on Michael Jackson's last tour but never got the chance too. He did a tribute to him and it was actually pretty good/entertaining!

The aqua massage! It looked pretty cool! You climb in the creepy looking machine and it uses water jets to massage you, but you stay completely dry. I wanted to try it but there was a lotttt of people gathered around watching..not too relaxing. And it was basically a $1 a minute plus an extra $5. I want one in my house!

There was a random horse show going on. I saw a bit of it. I don't get the scoring and all yea I was like "ooo a horse!!"
This guy was in the craft common. He was making aluminum sculpture kinda things. It was pretty interesting! He was concentrating pretty hard and being extremely meticulous!

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  1. I love the big e!! I didn't think the potato was worth the wait! I had those fried veggies once, they were great!