Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I clearly did an awesome job of updating everyone on my trip throughout Europe. By awesome job I mean I failed completely. The pics from my trips are up on Facebook, and I'm way too lazy to play catch-up on here, since it's May and I've already been home for five months (which makes me kind of sad). I ended up going to London, Dublin and Galway Ireland, Paris, Edinburgh, Athens, and Barcelona. I also got stuck in Dublin on the way back home in December because of a pretty ridiculous snow storm. But Aer Lingus paid for a night at the Crowne Plaza and all our food, who can complain about that? I felt like royalty..since I had been staying in "Shitendale" and then in hostels while I traveled.

While I was in Dublin, I decided to get a tattoo. It was a cool idea in theory, but it didn't work out so well. Traveling lots and not having the proper shoes (I had boots and the tattoo was done on my ankle) did the tattoo in. It got infected and once I was back in England I had to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Pretty ridiculous, but not far from outrageous when you consider all the shenanigans that go on in my life. When the tattoo finally healed, it had lost a lot of color and just overall looked like crap.

Overtime the more I looked at the tattoo the more I wasn't happy with the design of it either. Once I got home I searched for tattoo shops in my area. I found the site for Hartford County Tattoo online and was pretty impressed. I ended up checking out a shop nearby first, they gave me a quote, and that was about it. When I walked into Hartford County, Red the artist who ended up doing my tattoo drew something up and talked to me for awhile. I liked the vibe of the shop and everyone was really friendly. I asked around and heard good things. So I called back for an appointment.

I got it redone about two weeks ago. It was a really cool experience! It took five hours (three hours of drawing and re-drawing on me to figure out how to fix the things I didn't like) and the other two were getting it actually done. I'm happy I actually have a tattoo I can show and not have to explain why it looks so bad!

The original tattoo by D12 Ink in Dublin Ireland, October 2009

The original tattoo after it healed (pretty bad!)

Redone by Red at Hartford County Tattoo, May 2010