Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life in Whitendale

I live on the top floor of my flat in the Whitendale Residence Halls, which my flatmate Pawel, lovingly calls "Shitendale". Granted, our flats are probably the least up to date on campus, and have some rather quirky problems (showers randomly shutting off, touchy fire alarms, never working heaters, leaking sinks, etc) we've made it our temporary home. The place has got our ultra sweet curtains with the mystery stains on them. My favorite thing about Whitendale is probably the early morning wake up calls by maintenance. You can expect them to be in our flat acting like they're fixing something every morning between the hours of 7 and 9am. One morning I even offered a guy some toast and chocolate milk while he stared at my breakfast longingly. And it figues I'd pick the cabinet in the kitchen that's door keeps falling off the hinge..they've fixed it three times now. The housekeepers come in sporadically (about 2 times a month) and random bottles of shampoo go missing.

Here are some pictures of my room (notice I have my own personal "wash basin") and of our kitchen.

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