Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hey! My name's Erica. I've just embarked on a rather interesting journey over to England. It all began on September 5, 2009, when I left the United States for the first time in my life! I traveled to Preston, England with my two friends Jess and Sarah. By the time we arrived after our three flights and ridiculous train ride in, we were jet-lagged and running on zombie status.

I vaguely remember stumbling around town trying to find somewhere to buy some sheets (not knowing that everything closes by around 4pm on Sundays in England). And then borrowing blankets from the University security office. When I opened the bag of bedding, I discovered lots of hair and a few interesting stains. I slept with my coat for a blanket that night.

Now it's a little more than a month and a half in, I've gotten quite adjusted, Preston feels a bit more like home. Classes are going here at the University of Central Lancashire and I know a lot more people than just the two pals I came over with.

I know it's a bit late in my travels to be starting my blog, but I figured it'd be easier to keep my family and friends in the know about my life in Europe!
Pictures from our first night out at the Adelphi with Monika, Amanda, Sabrina, Hannah, David, Jess and Sarah

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