Tuesday, November 3, 2009

St. Annes on the Sea

Back in September a bunch of us decided to go check out a place called St. Anne's On The Sea and Lytham. We'd heard that there was a big windmill on the shoreline and decided to find it. We spent all day exploring the shoreline before we got to it. It was a pretty fun day, filled with lots of photo taking and lunch at this little pub (I think it was called Fairhaven). There were older locals there asking us lots of questions. These were some of the pics we took!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We went to Blackpool..but never got out of the bus!

Happy Halloween! The festivities haven't started tonight, but I'm sure they'll be interesting! Just wanted to make a short post about UCLan's trip to Blackpool. A few weeks in the international students were told they could pay 7 pounds to go on a trip to see the Blackpool Illuminations and we'd get some fish n chips along the way. So a bunch of us eagerly bought our tickets to go! Little did we know, they wouldn't be letting us off the bus, and fish n chips was canceled! So here are some pictures from our 3 hour drive along Blackpool's "lit up" main drag. We were rebelling by the end of the ride!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Avenham Park

I'd been hearing about a really pretty spot in Preston awhile back. A few people had mentioned there was a gorgeous park down by the train station. So a few weeks ago Sarah, Jess, Hannah, and I decided to go on a walk and find it. It's called Avenham Park and it's situated right by the River Ribble and it's like an escape away from the city life! I love it! Just wanted to post a few pictures I talk from our walk there.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life in Whitendale

I live on the top floor of my flat in the Whitendale Residence Halls, which my flatmate Pawel, lovingly calls "Shitendale". Granted, our flats are probably the least up to date on campus, and have some rather quirky problems (showers randomly shutting off, touchy fire alarms, never working heaters, leaking sinks, etc) we've made it our temporary home. The place has got some..pizzazz..like our ultra sweet curtains with the mystery stains on them. My favorite thing about Whitendale is probably the early morning wake up calls by maintenance. You can expect them to be in our flat acting like they're fixing something every morning between the hours of 7 and 9am. One morning I even offered a guy some toast and chocolate milk while he stared at my breakfast longingly. And it figues I'd pick the cabinet in the kitchen that's door keeps falling off the hinge..they've fixed it three times now. The housekeepers come in sporadically (about 2 times a month) and random bottles of shampoo go missing.

Here are some pictures of my room (notice I have my own personal "wash basin") and of our kitchen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hey! My name's Erica. I've just embarked on a rather interesting journey over to England. It all began on September 5, 2009, when I left the United States for the first time in my life! I traveled to Preston, England with my two friends Jess and Sarah. By the time we arrived after our three flights and ridiculous train ride in, we were jet-lagged and running on zombie status.

I vaguely remember stumbling around town trying to find somewhere to buy some sheets (not knowing that everything closes by around 4pm on Sundays in England). And then borrowing blankets from the University security office. When I opened the bag of bedding, I discovered lots of hair and a few interesting stains. I slept with my coat for a blanket that night.

Now it's a little more than a month and a half in, I've gotten quite adjusted, Preston feels a bit more like home. Classes are going here at the University of Central Lancashire and I know a lot more people than just the two pals I came over with.

I know it's a bit late in my travels to be starting my blog, but I figured it'd be easier to keep my family and friends in the know about my life in Europe!
Pictures from our first night out at the Adelphi with Monika, Amanda, Sabrina, Hannah, David, Jess and Sarah