Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Storm

I tried out the new fisheye lens filter I bought during a pretty ridiculous storm we had a few weeks ago. I think we ended up getting like 22 inches. These photos are just from around my neighborhood. I posted them on my facebook photography page as well. Feel free to "like" my page! It's Erica Nicole Photography


So it's been awhile! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I'm just doing a quick update. I haven't done much photography work lately. Which makes me kind of sad. I'm currently in my last class for my bachelors! It's general bio, and I've decided to take it at MCC instead of Central next semester (it's a $1000 cheaper!).

I got a fisheye "lens" for Christmas. I put the " " around lens because it's more of a filter effect. An actual fisheye costs like $400+. This one was $35 from Amazon. Obviously it's quite the price difference. I got a chance to take it out in the 2 feet of snow we got here a few weeks ago. I'll post those photos later.

Back in November my family and I adopted two cats. I found out about a woman who rescues cats through someone at work. I called the lady up saying that my family was looking for two cats. She said she had a mother cat who was under a year and one of her 3 month old kittens that she didn't want to separate. The mother and her 5 kittens had been abandoned at a gas station. When the woman came to pick them up 2 of the kittens had been taken, but she rescued the mother and the other 3. She adopted out the 2 boy kittens a week or 2 before our family came along. So we decided to take the mom and the baby.

We named the mother Fiona and the kitten Emmy. They are awesome cats! We are so happy we adopted them. Here are some photos!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jason and Jen's Wedding

My cousin Jason got married on October 23rd at Ocean Beach in Waterford, CT. I've been pretty busy with school, but I finally finished editing the photos I took. Here are some of my favorites!

Jason and Jen with Jason's mom, Karen (my aunt).

The reception

Jen's bouquet\

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Compass Tattoo

I went to Hartford County Tattoo today! I had originally thought I wanted just a compass rose, but later decided on an entire compass because I thought it'd fit in better with my anchor. Red, the tattoo artist, had drawn out the compass rose earlier on and I really loved it. So he decided to take that and build on it. I wasn't sure how colorful he wanted to get with the tattoo, but the second he took out the red ink for the wooden background I was stoked. I love the cherry-ish coloring. Though, I'm definitely nervous about the red ink because of the whole "red rash" thing, and it being a somewhat hard color to heal.. But hopefully all will work out well. The bright colors of this are not what I expected, but I love them! It also makes me happy that I decided to stick with the nautical theme for my second tattoo.

All the colors set up

Outlining and the beginning of the color
Red ink

I'm trying to be careful while healing this. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to bacitracin and it didn't seem to work well last time. I used it like twice and the tattoo reacted weirdly, so I decided to err on the side of leaving it alone for a few days and it worked better. So at this point I'm staying away from the bacitracin and just keeping it clean. I'll probably use cocoa butter a little bit because that also seemed to work well with me. It's tricky. I'm a slow healer, and I've definitely experienced an infected tattoo..not fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall in Wethersfield

I finally got the chance to walk around Main Street in Old Wethersfield last week. The trees are gorgeous and there's scarecrows and halloween decorations everywhere! I posted only a few scarecrow pics on here, but there are tons more scarecrows to see! I also have more pics in one of my facebook albums.

This was such a great idea! Jess and I had to take pics haha.

This lady's pretty creepy!

In front of the Grange Hall

Another interesting one!

Some of the insanely big pumpkins outside Comstock Ferre!

This pumpkin was 702 pounds!

Main Street Creamery was pretty busy that day.

And this last one I shot today. It's in the cemetery across from Stop and Shop. I was picking up some things when I looked over and saw the clouds and trees. I decided to drive over and try and catch some interesting shots.
Next weekend is my cousin's wedding, so more photos to come soon!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

South Hadley

On Sunday I went to visit my cousin at her school in South Hadley. We went up to Northampton and explored a little bit. Then we drove back to her campus and she gave me a tour. Her campus has Adirondack chairs ALL over and I may have been borderline obsessed with them. They even had them conveniently placed by their very own lake. Here's some of the photos I took while sitting in an Adirondack chair! The colors were really pretty and I could not stop talking about it.

In most situations, I find my GPS to be completely frustrating. Even on Sunday I was getting angry with it. I'd rather look up the directions on mapquest and just trust myself. On the way home from South Hadley, I decided to put on the GPS. I felt like I'd get better directions than using mapquest. The stupid thing took me completely out of the way of where I wanted to be. In the middle of my cursing at my TomTom I passed over a bridge between South Hadley and Holyoke. It was around sunset and out of no where there was this cool manmade waterfall. I thought "Oh that's so pretty!" and kept driving...

I have this issue where I see things I want to photograph and I either am too lazy to find a parking spot or I think "I'll come back to that" and I NEVER do. So for the next 10 min while driving further and further away, I kept saying to myself.."Go back and take that picture!" and finally I turned my car around. I found a spot at this empty mill right before the bridge. A guy had parked his car in the same lot about 30 seconds priod to me. At first I was totally sketched out..until he got out of his car with his camera and tripod! He had the exact same idea as me! I creepily followed about 20 feet behind him on the bridge. After we both shot, we ended up at our cars around the same time. I politely explained that I wasn't trying to be a creep, we just happened to be thinking the same way.

The moral of the story is..I'm never going to get "those" shots if I don't actually put myself out there and go get them! It takes a little effort and I need to be a little more confident in just throwing myself into a scene. And maybe sometimes I shouldn't get so frustrated with my TomTom.

Unfortunately, I am slightly frustrated with these photos. I wish I had come up with something more brilliant for having an "I need to just do this" epiphany. I tend to stick to landscapes because that's what I'm used to. I also tend to photograph them in the same way. I wish I had taken a more creative approach to these shots. But it is what it is. Here they are.

Oh yea, and remember how I went to the Big E. I literally bought one item and brought it home with me. This pumpkin windsock for $1. I love it! Everytime I come home and see it, it makes me happy, as nerdy as that sounds. Hopefully I'll get a daytime pic or two of it.